Tonsils and adenoids are an accumulation of immune cells commonly found in lymph glands. Tonsils are located in the back of our mouths and adenoids are located in the back of our nose.  When they become infected, they frequently enlarged and can cause health problems including difficulty swallowing or speaking, soreness, recurrent infections, and occasional breathing difficulties during sleep (sleep apnea).   In addition to the obvious dangers of interrupted breathing, disrupted sleep can lead to frustration and fatigue in children.  It is often linked to poor performance in school and activities, an overall lack of focus, behavior changes, and is associated with hyperactivity.

Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy is the removal of the tonsils and adenoids when appropriate. They procedure is performed as an outpatient surgery in most children and is designed to relieve the obstruction and/or infection that can be associated with tonsils and adenoids.

Your doctor can speak with you comprehensively about the benefits and risks of a tonsillectomy and/or an adenoidectomy and about the different technologies and procedures that may be utilized.