Pre-Candidacy Evaluations

Every patient must see the audiologist and have a hearing evaluation to confirm the degree of hearing loss. Patients will be tested with their hearing aids. If the audiologist believes that the hearing aids are not performing as well as possible, of if they believe that there may be better hearing aids for the patient, the audiologist will try different hearing aids. Once it is determined that hearing aids are not providing sufficient benefit, cochlear implants are discussed.

Postoperative Programming (Mapping)

Patients are seen by the audiologist about three to four weeks after surgery to turn on or activate the external component of the cochlear implant. The initial visit lasts about two hours. Further appointments are scheduled as needed. The goal of programming (mapping) the speech processor is to customize the cochlear implant for each individual patient’s hearing needs so that the patient hears as well as possible

Follow-up Audiometric Services

Audiologists provide ongoing mapping services to children and adults fitted with cochlear implants. Follow-up services vary from patient to patient.  As the patient develops skill in using the implant, further adjustments and reprogramming are required. There are follow-up visits to the center for re-mappings and audiometric evaluations with and without the implant.

Please contact our office at 646.438.7802 to make an appointment; we accept most insurances.

Audiologist on staff: Melissa Harawitz, Au.D.

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