Pretty woman picking flowersLooking good and feeling good go hand in hand.  Small, seemingly minor issues of appearance may hang over you and keep you from feeling your best, and even subtle changes can restore confidence and self-esteem.  Thinning or receding hair, creases on the forehead or in between the brows are now easily correctable.  Brows that hang too low may make you appear to be frowning even when you are not, and extra skin on the eyelids, bags under or wrinkles around the eyes may impart a tired, aged appearance.  Blemishes, growths, wrinkles and folds of skin in the mid and lower face likewise can age your appearance, and are also easily correctable, as are jowls, loose neck skin, weak chin or excess fat or muscle bands under the chin.  Nasal issues, such as a bump on the nose, large or drooping nasal tip or nasal obstruction affect not only the appearance but the function of the nose as well.  Like the nose, prominent ears can also be a distraction and may be something you have always wanted to correct.

The following is a short list of some of the procedures Dr. Sclafani performs:

Anthony P. Sclafani, MD is a renowned expert in facial plastic surgery,  selected as a Best Doctor by New York Magazine every year since 2004 and maintains office in both Manhattan and Westchester.  He is a leader in research in aesthetic and functional facial plastic surgery and can help you look your best.  Start your journey to an improved you and schedule a consultation with Dr. Sclafani.